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Is Dwell Time a Ranking Factor When It Comes

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Positioning is the process of introducing changes on the website (on-site positioning) and outside it (off-site positioning) that will gain the “recognition” of search engine bots, thanks to which the website will be higher in the search results.

This is important because this position can have a strong impact not only on organic traffic on the website, but also on the increase in product sales and strengthening consumer awareness of your brand.

To effectively position a website, it is usually necessary to use specialized services of an SEO agency . This is related to, among others, with a wide range and variety of tasks that would be difficult to cope with alone.

Others About Dwell Time Due to the Hypothetical

The most important elements of positioning include: technical aspects , such as website loading speed, website code quality, SSL security certificate, external and internal linking or Whatsapp Database appropriate redirections, and other aspects, including valuable and properly formatted content on the website and intuitive navigation of the website.

Is dwell time a ranking factor?
When it comes to dwell time SEO, specialists do not have a clear position. No wonder. Although some statements by Google employees suggest that dwell time is important, it is still more of a reading between the lines or fortune-telling than an actual confirmation of this relationship.

When It Comes to Dwell Time Seo Specialists

However, something else is certain – a significant factor in website ranking is still the behavior of users within the website and the indicators that indicate it, including:

Bounce rate the bounce rate. This is an indicator informing about the number of USA CEO users who left the website shortly after opening it,
session duration – i.e. the time spent by the user on the website. The indicator is very similar to dwell time, but it does not take into account the return of the Internet user to the search results.

Why is user behavior on websites so important? Because Google, by definition, wants to recommend the highest quality content to its search engine users, or at least content that meets their needs.

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