Investors are willing to invest

Garrett Camp YouTube video Net Worth: $3.5B Age: 45 Garrett Camp, along with Travis Kalanick, co-found. the ride-hailing startup Uber in 2009. Through the Uber mobile app, users can request a ride, and the app connects them with a driver-contractor for pick-up, with Uber taking a portion of the fare as their commission. Garrett Camp holds approximately 4% ownership in Uber. The company went public and list. its shares on the New. 

Through shrewd real estate deals

York Stock Exchange on May 10, 2019. Prior to Uber, Garrett Camp creat. the web discovery tool StumbleUpon, which he sold to eBay in 2007 for a notable $75 million. He is one of  new data the wealthiest people in Canada. 22. Stephen Smith Net Worth: $3.3B Age: 72 Stephen Smith is the visionary behind First National Financial, a Canadian mortgage lending institution. He embark. on this journey in 1988, a mere four years after facing personal bankruptcy. Remarkably, he steer. the company to go public in 2006. Notably, Smith holds a significant share in Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company, owning about half of the company. Additionally, he has a stake in the publicly trad.  

A pivotal role in turning Brascan around after it teeter.

Canadian bank EQB. In a display of philanthropy, Smith USA CEO made a generous contribution of $50 million to Queen’s University in 2015. As a result, the university’s business school proudly bears his name, a testament to his commitment to .ucation and giving back to the community. He rightfully earn. his place among the richest men in Canada. 23. Jacques D’Amours Net Worth: $3.3B Age: 66 Jacques Amours was a key figure in establishing.