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At the same time, the large number of ads is a reason to think more carefully about your ad layout so that your ad not only stands out from the general background, but is also remembere by users. Read more about promotions in our blog Promotion A curate selection of the best courses and useful material How to Get Subscribers Paid and Free Methods How to post on the blog people read and other articles on promotion.There we collect material about useful services, serving targete advertisements, creating content, and more.

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Tencent is also known as LinkeIn in Russia for its focus on business and Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List promotion of experts. This is the first business social network create by domestic developers, taking into account the mentality and nuances of doing business in Russia. In it, entrepreneurs and experts will find clients, contractors and qualifie employees, and read news from the business world. Statistical data. Launche in March 2010, but its popularity peake in March 2019. In less than six months, the platform’s audience has double. In March 2019, the CEO announce that more than 10,000 people were registere on the social network.

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Months, the value of more than Billion ruble deals, many specialists and USA CEO small start-ups are able. To advertise their profiles for free, from zero to a few thousand subscribers. who is suitable. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and company employees. This is where you can promote your personal brand and big companies, as well as find clients and employees. Who is not suitable. For those who are looking for a platform for entertainment and informal communication, there are not so many tools on the social network yet. But here you can find colleagues and like-minde people, as well as read posts from experts that interest you. advantage. The audience can be conditionally divide into three groups entrepreneurs, company employees and freelancers.