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En route: the order is in the process of being shippe to the customer. Delivere: the product was receive by the customer. Cancelle: if for any reason the order was cancelle. In this way, the customer can constantly monitor their shipment, which in turn allows them to feel closer to the seller in their product acquisition process. . Manage inventory from one place It is essential for the management of your business that you keep your inventory update at all times. And if you can get this in your TiendaDA online store , much better. And it is that one of the best advantages of electronic commerce that this platform offers you is to manage your inventory automatically with each purchase made, allowing you to.

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Reuce costs: what produces the automatic update of the inventory of your Nigeria Phone Number List online store , without the nee for so much staff. Merchandise control: you can have a more exhaustive order of the inputs and outputs of your merchandise. Supply projections: allows you to visualize the supply and demand of each product, for a better supply of your virtual store . Identify unjustifie disappearances: inventory management through TiendaDA will allow you to know the existence of products and losses due to damage or poor condition items, which may affect the financial position or general accounting of your business.

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In addition, correct inventory management will allow you to have more USA CEO accurate statistics. So that you can better evaluate the advantages of electronic commerce for your business. . Show the team behind One of the aspects that can be part of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic commerce is the presentation of your work team. You know why? We know that in a physical store the customer must interact with at least one seller to purchase the products they want, an interaction that takes place in person and that can lead the buyer to decide to end the process. However, in electronic commerce this is not the case, since there is no interaction beyond the networks.