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These are known as long tail keywords. Longtail keywords are more specific keywords that may have lower search volume and therefore less competition. You’ll spend less money on clicks, while getting more targeted traffic to potential customers. For example, let’s say you find that one of your topperforming keywords is ‘bicycles.’ There are potentially thousands of websites targeting this keyword, which means high competition and high CPCs. Instead of focusing your strategy on “bikes,” aim for “safe kids bikes” or “kids mountain bikes.” Pro tip Similarweb can help you find longtail keywords related to your top keywords.

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Our keyword generator tool can suggest thousands of keywords related to your Mexico Phone Number List popular keywords and help you prioritize your PPC strategy effectively and efficiently. You can analyze the metrics for each longtail keyword and decide which one is best for your eCommerce store. Keyword Generator . Get Inspiration for Your Ad Your campaign should be a balance between being prominent and matching the user’s search intent. Check out your competitors for inspiration. Do you see themes in the types of images your competitors use? Or maybe there is some commonality in the tone of their texts? If your competitors are doing similar things, there’s probably a reason for that (the reason is that it works with your customers. So, do what they do but better. It’s critical to strike a good balance between what’s proven to work and what will set you apart.

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When you create your own ad, you want to emulate and use themes and USA CEO motivations that fit your audience, while highlighting your brand’s uniqueness. Pro Tip Use Similarweb’s Search Ads and Creative Tool to analyze all of your competitor’s ads. The Search Advertising Tool will show you all the text ads your competitors are running in the SERPs so you can see what type of language your audience speaks. Creatives tools show you ads so you can analyze the images and messaging your competitors are using in their PPC campaigns across multiple ad networks.