How to place unofficial ads

To avoid violating any regulations, please read the contract carefully; Copyright infringement and selling counterfeit goods In this case, you can not only get an injunction, but you can also become a defendant in a criminal case; A large number of bad reviews from buyers This indicates that the product is of poor quality or The seller is dishonest. Often shops are blocked without explanation or warning. If it is a lifetime ban, solving this problem is very difficult: you have to come up with a weighty argument to unblock, but the market does not always satisfy users halfway.

Official telegram advertising

In some cases, sellers have been forced to go to court when they are unable A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers to resolve the issue themselves. Whatever the cause of the blockage, you will need support to resolve the issue. Be sure to save screenshots of your correspondence and provide any documents requested by the site. How to Promote Products on offers a variety of promotional tools integrated into your personal account. The competition on the platform is fierce, so many sellers accept advertisements. Here are the main promotional options on the site: Buying impressions in different parts of the site.

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The first three months alone

This mechanism is similar in many ways to contextual advertising USA CEO during an online auction, sellers indicate where to buy in different parts of the marketplace The rate for impressions. The highest bid product is shown at the top of the category and in the search results. This is how more users see it; Advertising Media Kit Every seller can request the help of a marketing manager. The administrator will help you choose a suitable promotion method for the platform and connect with it, and solve the problem of paid promotion; optimization is included in the description of the keywords that users most often enter in the search engine; external advertising.

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