How to Find Phrases Marked as Not Provided

In Both of the Above Cases, You Will. Receive Information About Which Subpages. Users Reached When Entering the Website. Unfortunately, There is No Information. About the Exact Phrases Here, but You Can Guess. Them by Looking at the Titles and Urls of the Target Subpages.

Internal website search engine
Another feature in GA that can help you discover additional keywords is search analysis in the website’s internal search engine. To configure this service, run tracking in the view settings and enter a query parameter. Enabling this feature will allow you to track your site’s search terms, which are available in the Behavior  Site Search  Search Terms section.

Internal website search engine

What is Keyword Hero for?
Keyword Hero is a tool that combines data from various sources and then uses it to discover hidden “not provided” words. As with other methods, this software does not display all missing phrases. Keyword Hero is an extension that shows discovered keywords directly in Google Analytics, after the tool has been properly integrated with Google services.

Other external tools
There are many other tools outside Google, where you can find information Ws Database about the keywords present on the website. Unfortunately, none of these tools will provide 100% confirmed data about which phrases users used to reach a given website. When verifying keywords in the previously mentioned tools, you should take into account the current position and the number of searches for a given phrase. The higher the number of searches and the higher the position of the website, the higher the probability that the phrase contributed to acquiring a new user on the website.

What is Keyword Hero for Keyword Hero

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However, Some of Them May Collect Data. In a Different Way Than the Solutions. Developed by Google – to Effectively Manage. A Positioning Strategy, It Will Often. Be Necessary to Obtain Information From Various Sources.

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