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It’s impossible to know and remember everything, so feel free to bookmark this page and consult our dictionary if necessary. If you’re considering a career as an expert and want to learn how to promote your personal and business brand in social networks, enroll in our selection of proven online courses. The blog has a lot of useful information about How to Become an Expert from Scratch A Detaile Guide for Beginners The Year How to Adapt to the New Reality Expert Advice Organize for extremism and banne in Russia, and its products (and) are also banne in the Russian Feeration.

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Abolishing the Bologna system What’s coming to change in higher eucation Exit Mobile Phone Numbers Views Reading time minutes Add an author Olga Arsenieva Author with years of copywriting and content management experience. My articles on online eucation and future careers are approve by experts Dean of the Academy of Finance, Government of the Russian Feeration, Lecturer. In March, changes also affecte the eucation sector. The Ministry of eucation and Science announce the nee to abolish the country’s Bologna system. According to the minister, Russia nees to develop its own unique higher eucation system. The official’s statement has cause many questions and concerns in the society what will happen to the bachelor’s degree, whether the junior college will be returne.

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In this article, we take a look at how the Bologna system works. What USA CEO has change in Russia since. The introduction of European eucation standards. And how the country’s exit from the Bologna system will affect applicants, students and graduates. Hide article content 1. The nature of the Bologna systemRussia’s Bologna reform 3. Why the Bologna system is criticize in RussiaRejecting the Bologna systemQ&. A What will happen to the higher eucation systemAlternative pathways for studentsSummary. The nature of the Bologna whether the national unifie examination will remain in the school. Whether the Russian diploma will be recognize abroad, etc.