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In social psychology, there are two types of conflict the introspective type occurs in a person’s personality and is associated with states of dissatisfaction and the inability to choose between two decisions or wishes; interpersonal conflict between several people. Conformity is a person’s tendency to adjust his behavior to the norms and demands of the group, as well as to passively agree with the opinions of those who are stronger in the group. Manipulation is the hidden psychological influence of one person on another person or group of people. Due to the movement of the manipulator, people change their behavior in the indicated direction.

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Simply put, manipulation is a person’s desire to conquer others by means Kenya Phone Number List of hidden psychological mechanisms. Negativism is opposition to conformity, in which a person denies the norms and rules adopted by a group. A reference group is a group of people whose opinions matter to a person a group of friends, family, colleagues, etc. Socialization is an individual’s assimilation of society’s values socially formed and recognized codes of conduct, ethics, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Sociometrics is a method of studying connections and relationships within groups.

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For example, with the help of sociometrics, psychologists can find out USA CEO what kind of relationships develop in school classes, which of the children are outsiders, which are leaders, etc. Social roles are society’s expectations of anyone who occupies any position in a social group or system. Each has several social roles, which he changes according to the situation. Thus, young women can be mothers and wives at home, colleagues and experts in teams, and citizens in the country. The social development situation is a system of social relations that is of great significance to a person at a certain age. In this system, a person learns social norms and rules.