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web page examples for good use of color tips for using color on a website conclusion importance of website color in the chronicle of internet history, ( is not nacho·vidal’s chronicle), the use of color in web design has undergone a huge evolution. At first, the sites were cheesy, with almost everyone using a myriad of colours, tasted like polygons for wedding dresses, and sometimes even delected as.

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This is also due to the existing limitations, on the one hand due to the possibility of using latest database color in the code ( even before the appearance of the style ), on the other hand due to the quality of the picture tube display we had at the birth of the technology network. What a terrible moment for those who use search engines such as and ‘has connected to the web to make their phones unusable or without social networks!

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 things have changed a lot these days and we have a lot of options when using the colour range on the website, so if we do it wrong, we have no excuse. Thanks to the color wheel ——— I will explain below —<tag1> as well as the tools available on the internet to find inspiration, we have USA CEO made great progress. Please note that the colors you use on the website will largely determine whether you achieve your goals, so it is important to take the time to choose the right colors.

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