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Rustic designe in the spirit of rustic chic. The rustic style of the interior is characterize by an abundance of wooden furniture, natural materials, natural colours, combining elegance with rugge textures and simple forms. Scandinavia is the style of the northern peoples. They have always been known for their practicality and hard work, so the interior decoration is democratic and comfortable. There are lots of simple furniture designs, large windows, plain walls in cool tones and durable items made of metal, impact-resistant glass and wood.

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The meiterranean Sunny Italian style with its vineyards and sea views. Features Ghana Phone Number List panoramic windows with light sheer curtains, high ceilings, white or nude walls, heavy wooden furniture and terracotta tiles on the floors. The decor is done in vibrant nautical colors to create the ambiance of a sun-drenche coastline. Futurism is a style of science fiction in which there is a great focus on interior technology and equipment. The houses are literally packe with modern technology. The decoration is mostly simple and without any decorative materials plastic, concrete, wood, glass, metal, etc.

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There are no shutters on the windows, black and white paintings are USA CEO hung on. The walls, and there are a lot of modern home appliances. This high-tech direction appeare in the last century. Its main feature is the practicality and relevance of every detail. The rooms are fille with modern technology smart home systems, large TVs, built-in ovens, refrigerators that look like regular closets, and more. Eclecticism is a hodgepodge of interior styles. Retro furniture is paire with futuristic décor, parquet floors, brick floors on the walls and crystal chandeliers on the ceiling. However, there is still a unifying factor in the eclecticism. Such as the color scheme. To conclude our dictionary will be an assistant for everyone who is already working or planning to become an interior designer.

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