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Do what works for your video. Give YouTube what it needs to understand the content of the video and donate generously. .Label Explanation In your label, use keywords to explain, clarify, or specify the meaning of the title. Provide clues about the purpose of the message or video. Is it a business video or an informational video? What questions does it answer? What is your target user intent? Find ways to steer the YouTube algorithm in the right direction. Use phrases to clarify relationships. For example, short tags like “tag, video, SEO” are not separate, but put the terms in the context of “Using video tags in your SEO strategy” and “Tagging videos to improve SEO.” You can use different wording with the same or similar meaning. For example, if you post a video tutorial, use keywords like “How do I upload a video to YouTube?” There are different variations like “How do you distribute content on YouTube?” and so on.

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Broad Keywords Strengthen Channel Authority Add broad keywords to your tags to describe Malaysia Phone Number List the overall theme of the video. Let’s say you’re an affiliate of an electronics brand and you review devices in your YouTube videos. A product category or brand name would be a broad keyword. It’s also a good idea to add keywords that are relevant to your entire channel. These are less impactful, but can strengthen your channel authority, which will benefit you in the long run.


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A keyword that recurs in many of your videos tells YouTube that this is your USA CEO channel’s specialty. Let’s say you run activewear and you post a video about your new women’s swimwear collection for 2019, one for kids’ swimwear and one for the benefits of dry tees. You can tag all videos with “sportswear” or “sportswear”. How to find the right keywords? Now we get to the actual part. Imagine that you are tasked with writing content optimized for organic search. where do you start The correct answer: keyword research. You’ll investigate which terms bring in the most valuable traffic, and then create a list of related keywords.

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