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With the help of test tasks, employers: Wee out candidates who are not intereste in the job If there are many specialists applying for the position, the employer may ask applicants to pass a small test, even at the stage of sending responses. For example, this is done in order to reuce the traffic of incoming requests. After the interview is passe, the tester acts as a filter for testing motivation: many take down the terms of reference, but only a few deliver on time; check-expert qualification tests help identify promising prospects among inexperience newcomers Talents.

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But even an excellent track record does not guarantee that a specialist will be Romania Phone Number List qualifie for the specific responsibilities of a new position, so it makes sense to test his skills on real-world assignments; Become an expert in his field, but also join the team, and his style and work pace meet the company’s standards. In order to write test tasks and gather feeback for applicants, employers nee to involve not only HR, but also relevant experts on the team. If the job is paid, it will also take longer to process responses and additional fees. However, the advantages of this careful selection outweigh the disadvantages, as the chances of finding the ideal employee increase many times over. The head of the company describe in detail the process of selecting applicants.

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Alexander Bochkin CEO of the company In our company, any position USA CEO and any candidate must take an exam. This allows you to look at candidates without their resumes. Eliminate incompetent experts in advance, understand the candidate’s sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. And the technology stack and tools he uses. We allow days to weeks to complete the work depending on the candidate’s rank. If we understand that the candidate is a beginner, not even at an elementary level. But really wants to find a job, then we give the person more. Time to figure it out and complete the task on their own. We don’t pay for work because we don’t customize tasks.

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