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Readability – Remember, your pillar pages must serve as a shining example of superbly readable and informative content for the rest of your site to ensure readers keep clicking. This means strong, lively, engaging prose broken down with plenty of visual aids. Browsable – Pillar pages tend to be longer than average posts, readers often have a specific intent when researching a topic, so make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for as they scroll down the page, with clearly defin sections , strong headings, highly relevant images, and bullet points for breaking up paragraphs. Navigable – A table of contents with anchor links to relevant sections and a link back to the top, and a floating table of contents that follows the user down the page will enhance user experience and increase bounce rates.

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Optimization – It’s no use putting all that effort into creating great content if your UK Phone Number List pages aren’t ranking. Make sure your pages are SEO optimiz using the 9 steps in our On-Page SEO Checklist. Keep them wanting more – If your pillar pages are too long.

Is probably because you’re covering your topic in too much detail. You ne to spark interest in your subtopic without putting everything on the table. This way, your pages will be cleaner and more concise, making it easier to digest information, and your readers will be encourag to dig deeper into your site. Evergreen – Your pillar pages should be able to stand the test of time with some updates from time to time.


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Check out this page to learn how to create evergreen content that USA CEO drives traffic. The golden rule of pillar pages. Now that we’re all on the same page about what makes a great pillar post. Let’s look at some examples of inspiring pillar content that embody these golden rules. . How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy that. Converts More Customers Similar Web/Content Marketing Similar Web Content Marketing Example How to Convert Customers. What makes it a pillar? Our first example of a pillar page is The Great Guide to Content Marketing from the Similarweb blog. It tackles a broad topic—building a content marketing strategy—with clear, information-dense sections. Each with links to blog posts on highly relevant subtopics.