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In order to continue working without losing profits, it is necessary to transfer business to domestic social networks and to advertising through Russian services. One such advertising system is calle . In this article, we’ll tell you why your business should be promote through , and how to start your advertising campaign there. You’ll learn about the promise of the service and where it can be applie. We’ll also explain how to set it up and where you can learn how to promote through the service. Hide article content What is an ad format in How to set up an ad in.

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How to pay for an ad in How to analyze promotion results in Where to learn How to set Panama Phone Number List up an ad in Summary What is my goal to invest in technology companies Platforms for in and social networks and paid advertising in , , programs, music apps, video networks, and more. In total, has more than projects and is use by millions of people across the country. And the advertisements they see are all place through the service, so you should not ignore the promotion of this platform. My Goal Function With the help of the service, you can solve various problems as part of promoting your business project on the Internet. The following are the characteristics of the platform: Wide coverage Base on what the service covers: your potential customers will definitely notice the advertisement here; more than 10 positioning.

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This is only base on official information, but in fact there are more positioning USA CEO opportunities: can span Many targeting criteria and the possibility to adjust the advertisement to a narrow target audience; solve various promotional tasks on the platform you can increase brand awareness, generate requests, calls and sales, even set up outdoor advertising and broadcast it in the largest cities of Russia ; Simple interface and clear personal account setup You can explore by yourself or read the blog posts on the platform to understand the intricacies of the work; Promotion even with a small budget To start advertising, you nee to make a deposit in your account At least rubles.