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On the Sound Engineer course you will learn how to compose and record musical compositions and sounds, compose music for vinyl records and cassettes, and record the voices of musicians and actors. You will learn how to install sound in hardware and software systems, learn how to establish volume balance and create musical compositions Duration: Monthly Cost: Cameraman Cameraman organizes the shooting process and recalls the original footage shot on set. His work can be called technical and creative at the same time: the cameraman is in charge of the shooting equipment, knows how to notice unique moments and emotions in the picture, and develops the concept of the shot. What does it do.

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Videographers install and set up equipment, develop terms of reference for the Singapore Phone Number List shooting process, develop a shooting concept from a script, and then select and edit footage. During filming, the operator interacts with producers, directors, writers, actors, and off set he also works with video editors. He could be called one of the key people in the scene. Without the cameraman, the filming would never have started. How much money does he make. According to the website, the average salary of a videographer is rubles. At the same time, there is no upper limit to income.

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Filming big-budget films, cinematographers can earn millions of rubles. where to USA CEO┬ástudy. You can study camera work on a full-time basis at the University. However, if you are not ready to take the exam and spend five years studying, you can take online courses. Lesson Camera You will learn how to set up filming equipment and shoot using different techniques: handheld, mechanical double, tripod and slider. You’ll learn how to work with directors, sound engineers and lighting specialists, and analyze popular shooting scenarios. You will mount a video and create a camera show from the frames taken during the course Duration: Weekly Fee: In Article Videographer.