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Also, find out which pages get the highest share of organic traffic. A particular website section, such as a blog, can be very popular, which is valuable input for content marketing. Your reports should also include information on engagement from various traffic sources. Before investigating how your competitors use these channels, you want to try to identify the most profitable channels for your competitors. Give Your Reports an Edge In this article, you learned why presenting data and insights in the right way can speed up the decision-making process. We also have a lot of advice for you on how to get the right data and present it to your superiors, teammates or clients.

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Now, we’re letting you try out your new skills for free. Similarweb not only provides the Cayman Islands Phone Number List tools you need to create a comprehensive competitor audit report, but also provides you with the most accurate data available on the web. Reports based on precise competitive intelligence can give you credibility, not to mention a coveted edge. Your Competitor’s Data Can Work For YouStart Gathering the Data You Need to Win the Digital Marketing GameFAQWhat Should a Competitive Analysis Include? A competitor analysis report should start with a list of top competitors and a brief introduction. The main section should focus on marketing strategy, positioning and audience based on product offering and pricing. What are the three types of competitors? Direct competitors target the same audience by solving the same problem with a similar product.


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Indirect competitors compete with you on only one or two dimensions: target USA CEO audience level, product level, or problem solved. Industry leaders serve as benchmarks. What are the main steps in a competitive analysis? First, identify your competitors. Next, examine market share and target audience, and understand their digital strategy. Then create company profiles for your top competitors. Finally, a SWOT analysis is performed and a report is prepared. Why is a Competitive Analysis Report Important? Competitor audit reports provide context to your business performance, allowing you to position your brand in the competitive landscape, identify unique strengths, opportunities and risk factors, and leverage critical data to support business decisions.