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Most will be happy to interact with you, as it strengthens their position in the marketplace, increases the authority of their audience, and empowers them to negotiate with suppliers. Tip Work with different types of affiliates. Why are you doing this? You don’t bet everything on the same horse. By diversifying your affiliate partnerships, you can use various affiliate opportunities to reach different audiences in different ways. For example, coupon sites target spontaneous buyers who are always looking for a deal and never pay full price. Influencers, on the other hand, have their audience of fans who love what the influencer loves. That’s reason enough to buy.

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Each concept targets a specific buyer behavior. The same person who never opened a Uganda Phone Number List deal site might use a coupon code from their favorite influencer or follow a reviewer’s recommendation. how can you do this Learn from the game. Investigate which sites are directing traffic to your competitors’ sites. Yes, again. This time, pay attention to the industry the referring sites belong to, which regions they operate in, and what type of affiliation they are. Identify competitor patterns and recurring factors. Let’s take a travel website as an example.

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You compare your competitors’ sites in Asia and Europe. It turns out that Asian audiences USA CEO respond strongly to the coupons, while European sites get more traffic from reviews and travel blogs. You will be connected to a coupon site in Asia and an affiliate program for bloggers in Europe. Screenshot of the Competitor Affiliates view in Similarweb You can see that the referring sites come from different industries and may offer different affiliate marketing services. Next check how the picture changes when you select a specific region instead of the global view. Another way to find affiliates is based on search terms. Discover top referring sites for a specific keyword or list of keywords.