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OTE There are a few things you need to keep in mind during the hashtag creation process you can trademark your hashtag to protect it from other brands, but you cannot prevent social media users from engaging with it the way they want . In the past, people have used hashtags as part of larger campaigns, such as mcdstories created by McDonald’s and waitrosereasons created by supermarket chain Waitrose , and sent them negative posts. Trolls are an unfortunate part of social media – so consider how they might respond to your hashtag and how you will handle it.

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Hashtag Best Practices Trending hashtags like picoftheday have been popular for years, while C Level Executive List brands like Nike have found great success with hashtags like swoosh. On the other hand, hashtags like susanalbumparty drew negative attention and publicly embarrassed the social media teams responsible for them. So, besides not containing accidental double meanings, what do successful hashtags do that unsuccessful hashtags don’t? They follow these hashtag best practices Use short phrases like picoftheday and myfavoritephotofrommydaytoday Let it be natural Make it catchy, like slogans Keep it simple and catchy, especially when you’re trying to reach a wide audience around the worldFacebook, Hashtags for Instagram and Twitter The success hashtag is more than just a fun phrase to spice up your posts.

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Hashtags help social media platforms aggregate content so users can USA CEO browse it quickly and easily. When you use hashtags to your advantage, you can increase the reach of your posts, reach new audiences, and increase your brand awareness. To create your own hashtags, brainstorm, research your options, and choose the ones your audience will relate to. And, if you want to simplify your research process, use Similarweb’s powerful digital marketing intelligence tools to identify competitive keywords and up your tag game from over billion search terms. If you want to connect with customers, your business has to be on social media. But social media isn’t like the minor leagues where you don’t get trophies just for showing up.

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