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You’ll learn how professional astronomers and space robots explore the universe, and you’ll be able to make your own observations of space In the Evolution of Life on Earth course, in 1 video lecture, you’ll familiarize yourself with the basics of biology and the theory of evolution, and Consider how different types of life arose and develope on Earth. You’ll learn why some organisms go extinct while others manage to adapt to changing environmental conditions, and you’ll learn how human civilization was born.

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You will have a general level of erudition and be able to separate myths about Malaysia Phone Number List evolution from scientifically proven fact in the Climate and How We Help the Earth course. Our quality of life depends on ecology, but politicians and marketers don’t know much about the topic. A lot of speculation was made. A WWF expert will help you understand how and why climate change is changing now, and the consequences scientists preict for the planet’s future. You’ll learn where to find reliable information on climate issues and responses to global warming, and what each of us can do to improve the state of the environment. By purchasing this program, you will donate rubles to the protection of Russian forests on spending movies and music.

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Movies and music have become such an integral part of our lives that USA CEO the following shows are almost. A universal way to broaden your horizons and have fun with your free time. Not just Hollywood World Cinema History Course. You will learn about different film eras and the works of famous directors from. Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Asia and more. You’ll track how the country’s external and internal events affect the film. And learn to pay attention to references and details that reveal the director’s vision of the film in new ways. You can easily choose movies according to your mood, and enjoy even complex pictures.