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These paintings are devoid of little details and deep meanings. They are creat e to make the interior of the room complete and harmonious. A beam above a cornice window to support drapes, drapes, and drapes of all types. Composition in an interior is a set of rules about how to combine objects. Creating a harmonious interior and properly dividing rooms is impossible without knowing the basics of building a composition. The concept is the main idea of ​​the design project, which determines the choice of materials, zoning and arrangement of furniture. A horizontal drapery made of dense, heavy fabric and decorat e with ruffles, ruffles, tassels, etc.

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Place on top of a window or doorway. The shutter slats are the strips Romania Phone Number List of cloth, wood, aluminum or plastic that make up the shutters. The color of the slats usually matches the shade of the curtains, walls or furniture. Stucco relief decoration in the form of figures and ornaments. Stucco is consider e a decorative element. It brings a sense of luxury and grandeur to the room. Stucco molding materials gypsum, stucco, concrete, etc. Mosaic An image or pattern of color e stones, glass sheets, or tiles. In interior design, mosaics are us e to decorate flat surfaces walls, doors, etc. Moldings are rais e rais e panels us e to decorate walls, ceilings, fireplaces, and more.

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Molding is often us e as a frame for mirrors, panels or pictures. A recess in USA CEO the wall of an alcove for built-in furniture, pots, vases and statues. Ornaments are decorative elements, or simply put, patterns of repeating elements. This decor looks great on walls, textiles and certain types of furniture. Window slopes are us e for flat, wide profiles of interior window trim. Decoration on panel walls with artistic elements in wooden, plastic or metal frames. Panels are always chosen or creat e to match the style of a particular room. A floor is the structural part of a building that divides the building into floors.

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