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At the same time, there are job vacancies where one of the requirements for applicants is supported live streaming and streaming. Therefore, it is important not to limit yourself to one field of video production, but to acquire a variety of skills so that the chances of landing a well-paying job will be greatly improved. Sample job vacancies on the website. The operator has to manage the technical equipment of the filming process and make examples of job vacancies on the video site based on the results of the live broadcast. The operator has to manage the technical equipment of the shooting process and make the work schedule and format of the video cameraman based on the live broadcast results.

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The cameraman works on-site during the shooting process and edits the video at Cambodia Phone Number List home or in the office. Weekdays are often irregular hours of filming per day, days of filming per week. Meanwhile, the work schedule depends on the type of employment. There are two options Employee and Freelancer. Let’s consider each one in detail. Work in the state. You find a job in the company and sign a labor contract with the employer. You will be paid every month, even if you are on sick leave or vacation. Employers are required by law to transfer contributions to a pension fund, and you are required to pay income tax. The benefit of working in the state is stability.

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You can’t be fired without warning, and you’re guaranteed to get paid USA CEO every month. The downside of working in the state is that income is limited by the capacity of the company. In addition, you cannot manage your time yourself for example, you cannot take vacations without the consent of your superiors. Company income starts from rubles. This amount is given to inexperienced videographers. The average salary varies from 1 to 1 ruble. Freelancer. This is working for yourself you become self-employed or sign up for one and take on multiple projects at the same time.