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You can have a strong body but be mentally unbalance and suffer from complexes that prevent you from developing professionally, communicating healthyly with others, and living on top. Finding out the cause of certain psychological problems, letting go of destructive attitudes and being alone with understanding your feelings is not easy. If you don’t have access or don’t want to go to therapy, you can gain the necessary knowlege and application tools in online courses from license psychologists. We’ve handpicke several proven lessons that teach you how to accept yourself, find a balance between work and leisure, and live life without worries. Course Psychology Knowing Yourself and Knowing Others Small applie self-help course.

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You’ll learn about a person’s psychological structure and way of Hong Kong Phone Numbers List thinking. Identify your personality strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to fully realize yourself and interact with. Others in an environmentally responsible manner. You’ll learn how to control and live strong emotions and choose constructive ways of behaving. And you’ll be able to overcome mental blocks and feel freer and happier. In-program video lectures and expert reviews of psychological practices Buy mini-course “Work-Life Balance” You will learn how to find the best balance between work and leisure for yourself and maintain your mental health in problematic and stressful situations balance.

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You’ll learn how to properly plan your day to work efficiently and restore USA CEO resources. Learn to focus on the main things and listen to yourself when making important decisions. Dialogue constructively and resolve disputes without drama. You’ll learn how to spot manipulative and repelling pressure. From your opponent, improve your conflict-free communication skills. And be able to act as a meiator in other people’s conflicts. The program includes a total of 3 live webinars with practical assignments Adult Infantile Non-Adult Adult Lessons in a Learning. Environment In 5 webinars with a license psychologist, you’ll learn how to recognize. Childish behavior in all areas of your life patterns, and learn. How to make decisions without considering the opinions of adults and take responsibility for them.