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We have done a small research and are going to recommend you the following resources You will understand what components any system is made of, you will be able to break it down into its individual components and trace the connections and dependencies between them. You will learn to think systematically, identify problems in the operation of the process and choose the best way to eliminate them; you will learn how to identify, describe, improve and approve software requirements in agile projects, serial product projects, business intelligence projects, etc.; users story.

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The Art of Agile Software Development, you’ll learn advice on how to competently Latvia Phone Number List structure a software development process and learn how to describe the workings of future software products in detail and clearly from the user’s perspective; the principles of user experience design. Understanding the user’s psychology is the key to success, you will know which principles you should follow to design a program interface that is easy for users to understand; what is agile, a series of articles on the blog reveal the essence of agile methodology and its two methodologies and Kanban, the tutorial is detaile An introduction that explains how to run an agile project in a service; you’ll learn about the capabilities of application programming interfaces and the basics of design.

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The English translation text is publishe by System eucation, and the original text can be downloade from . Summary Systems analysts are in high demand. There are multiple job openings on t alone, with salaries starting from rubles. Join the ranks of experts or change the direction of the industry with professional online courses. In this review, we have rounde up the best quality eucational programs for both beginners and existing professionals, where you will acquire applie systems analysis skills and build your portfolio for professional employment. In addition, we have prepare a selection of free video tutorials and useful literature.