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Find the Most Relevant Keywords – Core Keywords I’ll show you how to find the most relevant keywords to create your list and drill down into areas that all your competitors share. Here’s an idea; you can build lists based on completely different parameters. Let’s reverse our swimsuit example and imagine you’re a large retailer or e-commerce site. You want to find keywords for summer swimwear sales. In a keyword gap analysis, you’ll select competitors who specialize in this type of commodity. Now select the core keywords and see which keywords are sending traffic to all sites. This section shows you the keywords that all your competitors share.

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Obviously, swimwear brands won’t receive traffic from any keywords outside France Phone Number List of this category bath fashion , so this section shows the strongest keywords for that category. Core Keywords Visualization shows keywords shared by all competitors Core Keywords List . Focus on Shared Topics – Core Keywords You can also use this to identify the topics that all your direct competitors are targeting. Discover keywords shared by all websites offering the same range of niche products and targeting the same audience. Remember, the tool will show who is driving them traffic, so these are definitely keywords you should research carefully.


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Maybe look at how preferences change over time, what the trends are, see who is USA CEO gaining and who is losing. Pro Tip Core Keywords in Paid Traffic shows you what keywords all your competitors are targeting in their PPC strategies. Use these insights to calculate where to put your PPC efforts. . Identify traffic winners and losers – Wins and Losses Under wins, you’ll receive keywords that your site is winning traffic compared to your competitors, while under losses, you’ll get the keywords your site is winning compared to your competitors lost keywords. You can click on a URL in the list and jump to see the winning or losing site and investigate why. Until then, check out the SERP features for specific keywords.