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The job of native advertising is not to put an ad on the user’s forehead. There shouldn’t be a feeling that something was being aggressively sold to him. Native ads are considere friendly recommendations or information for thought only. Naming is the development of a company, product or service name. Feeback is a reaction to a message or text. Contributors receive feeback from clients in the form of comments on the text. Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s material as your own. Samples of work that portfolio writers present to clients. Site traffic is the number of unique users who visit a site during a specific period of time daily or monthly.

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The more visitors there are, the more popular the web resource is, and the Germany Phone Number List better it will be promote in search engines. In addition to traffic, there are other metrics for website analytics. they are How to Analyze a Website A Checklist with Detaile Recommendations is discusse in detail. Postscript A main text postscript where the author summarizes, reviews benefits, or draws the reader’s attention to important ideas. The text P.S. symbolizes that behavioral factors are indicators of user behavior on a website how much time they spend on web resources, or how often they move from one page to another.

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Behavioral factors indicate how user-friendly and interesting a USA CEO website is. For example, if the website is difficult to understand or the text is not attractive, users will quickly close the page. Search bots will notice this and demote the site in the search results. The inverte pyramid principle is the principle of text construction when the most important and interesting parts are place at the beginning of the article, and everything else is closer to the end. Thus, the author immeiately catches the interest of the reader and makes him finish the text. News texts are often built on the principle of an inverte pyramid.