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References are coordinate and sometimes chosen by the client. This is how the designer understands what kind of interior solution the client likes. In one of our materials we have discusse the references in detail. Read the article What are references and where to find them for more details Rhythm is the repetition of elements in the interior: lamps, cornices, columns, furniture, etc. Rhythm brings order and harmony to the interior. Sketching is a quick drawing technique that helps interior designers visualize ideas. In Sketch, all images are drawn by hand without any preparation and the designer paints a single object or the entire interior with brush strokes.

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If you want to be an interior designer but don’t know how to sketch Armenia Phone Number List yet, fear not. Take one of our selection of sketching lessons and you’ll learn how to quickly create drawings of any complexity. Stylization is the deliberate imitation of a certain interior style due to characteristic details. For example, artificial aging of interior items in the style of Russian estates. A small extension of the building that protects the entrance to the main site from wind and precipitation. Texture is the visible pattern that can be seen and felt on the surface of a material. Examples of textures: fibers on the surface of a board or fabric, rough patterns on wallpaper, etc. False panel A decorative panel that you can use to disguise wall irregularities or hide damage to finish materials.

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Feng Shui is the Taoist practice of symbolically organizing the space of a USA CEO room. Feng Shui teaches how to properly arrange items in a room to attract good luck, love and prosperity. Accessory parts for accessory furniture: handles, latches, hooks, hinges, door closers, door locks, etc. When choosing furniture for a project, designers must consider how well the accessories will coordinate with all other items in the interior. The lower floor of a building that, unlike the basement, is partly raise above the ground. An attic is usually an unfurnishe and uninsulate room under the roof of a home. Unlike lofts, lofts do not come with a living room. A screen is a folding mobile partition that you can use to divide a space or hide a part of a room from prying eyes. Exhibitions in interior design are wall decorations in the form of several paintings, photographs, panels, etc.