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Sometimes, it’s a complex problem; other times, it’s a simple everyday use case. The focus is not on the product or the brand, but on the problem at hand. The product appears somewhere in the solution as part of the solution, or as a preferred option among possible solutions. . IKEA How to Sew a Pillowcase We’ll stick with IKEA for our first example. Find out how the brand managed to maintain the same overall look and feel across video types and purposes. Why is this video unique? The video does not promote at all. This is a purely informational video from which you can learn a specific task.

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The only connection to IKEA is the fabric with IKEA designs. If you didn’t Venezuela Phone Number List know it was an IKEA video, you’d only realize it when the logo was incorporated at the end. Explainer video companies realize the potential of using video to teach viewers how to use their products. It provides an opportunity to show, tell and highlight key features and benefits. Most explainer videos are animated. Animated videos are costeffective and simple to produce compared to taking live photos or filming yourself in front of the camera. All you need is a good designer. . Spotify why does it work? This Spotify movie has all the elements of a typical explainer video.

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The first is why your target audience should use Spotify. The video List of Mobile Phone Numbers uses actual images from the app, so users can get a realistic impression of what it’s like to use Spotify. Notice how you can understand much of what is presented with the sound turned off. twenty one. Western Union US mobile bill payment BB company loves explainer videos. The reason is that BB marketing focuses on the practical and operational aspects of a product rather than emotional triggers. Why do we like this video? Western Union understands the importance of customer satisfaction to its users. In order to promote its services, the company offers benefits to the user’s business and its customers. The language and picture of the entire video are concise and clear.