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Lighting can be natural, artificial and hybrid. Natural light is light from natural sources that enters a room through windows and other openings. Artificially lighting all lighting fixtures in a room, from chandeliers to small lamps. Combination lighting is an option when natural lighting complements artificial lighting. An example of combination lighting is in a room with windows, pendant lights, and small lights on the walls. An angle is a view of an object from a particular angle.

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When developing a project, it is very important for an interior designer to know how Azerbaijan Phone Number List furniture and decorations will look from different angles so that he can place accents correctly. For example, the same panel may appear darker from one angle and brighter from another. Building codes and regulations. These documents regulate the work of builders, architects, engineers, and designers, each involved in the construction of a building as well as its exterior and interior design. General description of furnishing and furnishing of all premises. In short, in the specification, the designer indicates which materials and volumes are required to implement the design project. Ergonomics is a set of principles and guidelines for arranging objects in a space for the convenience of everyone in the room. Designers rely on the needs of the client and thus make the room ergonomic, that is, comfortable and functional.

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The basic rules of ergonomics take into account: the width of the doorway, the USA CEO height of the furniture, the area of ​​free space, the arrangement of objects in the room, etc. Sketch A preliminary black and white or color sketch of a design project, made by hand and without drawing tools. With the help of sketches, the designer visualizes the idea of ​​the project and can present it to the client in such a draft version. Interior designer software and tools Interior designers develop layouts and projects in special computer programs.

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