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How to fill in product specifications In the feature, you disassemble the product and indicate the important data for product identification such as brand, origin, size, model, and color. The list of characteristics varies by product category: for dresses the type of fasteners and hem length matter, for mobile phones the size and availability of a manufacturer’s warranty matter, for books the type of cover and number of pages . Values ​​in each characteristic field must not be repeate. The cut characteristics and parameters of the dresses are indicate by the seller on the cut characteristics and parameters of the dress so that it is easier for buyers to choose the right style and size. Fill in the characteristics as much as possible.

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This data will help the product to enter the correct section of the catalog and Austria Phone Numbers List display correctly in the filter . How to write a product description The description helps the user form an overall view of the product. In it, you can tell other important information, describe how the product will be use, and highlight its features and benefits. Here are some tips on how to write your sales description. Write it from scratch. The description of each product must be unique so that you can take inspiration from what your competitors have written, but not copy it.

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It doesn’t make sense to repeat product features in the description USA CEO because the algorithm will index them separately. But you can incorporate answers to frequently aske questions by users into the text to immeiately eliminate some objections. Let’s say you sell work clothes. In the description tell us the cut and material of the product, emphasize the comfortable fit as well as stylish and functional details, suggest successful combinations with other clothes. Remember, buyers want details, not empty promises of chic quality and sheer beauty. Product advantages The first seller fully demonstrates the product’s advantages, the second actually only mentions that there is a belt in the kit to use the key.