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The advertising campaign will be

You can create such a page for free, and the system itself collects product selections; an easy and quick way to increase sales using promotions and discounts is to present profitable offers to buyers. You can run your own promotions and discounts, give gifts, give coupons for your next purchase, and participate in marketplace sales. Here it is important to calculate everything correctly so as not to work at a loss; create video content users like videos, so sections appear on the platform. There you can post videos about your products and do live broadcasts.

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Record interesting product reviews and test drives. Invite experts and bloggers Find Your Phone Numbers to participate. Communicate with consumers Quickly answer user questions, help solve dissatisfie customer problems, and thank customers who have given high evaluation. For more information on how to effectively interact with your audience, read Rules for Communicating with Buyers; Launching an Advertising Campaign There are two types of advertising: product and meia. If you advertise your products, users will see your products in searches, categories, and in cards from other sellers. Display ads include a variety of product banners and video ads; get a premium subscription.

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Then the platform itself will incorporate promotions: it will promote USA CEO your cards in search results. Mark cards with offers with bright stickers, create a loyalty program for customers, etc. Violations and Sanctions for Sellers The marketplace closely monitors compliance with the rules: if violations are found. Sellers are subject to demerit points and sanctions, for example, card removal or temporary deactivation of their personal accounts. When the threshold of points is reache, the account will be permanently frozen which is the maximum penalty. A special form will help you navigate the platform’s crime codes with descriptions and. Examples of their violations and penalties: Collection of violations and penalties with descriptions and example sentences.

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