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This is really easy because iiiiiisooooo some of the posts DO NOT HELP THE READER IN ANY WAY. Raise your hand if you’ve ever read a libra labra post, the content of which you would have understood even with common sense. Instead of writing WHAT the reader should do in each post, write HOW they will do it. Tara! I could have just said to you: “Search social media for questions that a potential customer is looking for and write a post about it.” Instead, I advised you to go to your email and search directly for questions that customers ask you and write the answer to these questions in the form of a post.

For example a moment ago

This method works great no matter what your company’s industry is or what your blog’s topic is. 3.  of the blog may be different new database from your client’s Every now and then I come across a conversation where a blogger says that he doesn’t want to change the look of his blog because he likes it. This is of course important, but even more important is that the reader likes it. With just a few easy changes, you will commit the reader to stay on your blog for longer, thanks to which trust will also be built faster. One of the most common mistakes I still see in blogs is the length of text paragraphs. The paragraphs are long and difficult to read without intertitles and empty white space. An increasing number of readers have switched from laptops to mobile devices. 7 lines of text on a computer screen already makes 14 lines of text on a phone screen. Those 14 lines fill the entire phone screen.

Your opinion about the layout

No one can read it, because the text seems to go on forever. If you pay attention to my posts, the paragraphs are short, 1-4 lines long. This creates white space for the eye around the text, making it easier to read. In blogs, white empty space is important. Cherish it. and look for useful information Did you know that more than 60% of readers have already switched to reading blogs on mobile devices? I myself belong to the 38 percent USA CEO who still use a computer more than a phone/tablet. If I stubbornly stuck to this idea and didn’t consider the readers who read my blog on a mobile device, I would lose 61.

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