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Create Your Brand Story Every brand has a message; strong brands have a story. A story consists of a hero, a conflict to be resolv, and, preferably, an unexpect solution. Video content must align with the brand story and is an excellent mium for telling it. At the very least, your video should be your brand. The video nes to reflect the identity and voice of the brand. They serve to enhance both and must not conflict with each other or with other content. Use storytelling techniques and set the framework and ground rules for what can and cannot be done. If you already have a style guide, adjust your existing brand colors to your video guide. You may also want to consider branding rules for video distribution.

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Step 4 – Deciding who is responsible for what video can and should involve every New Zealand Phone Numbers List department and function in the company. Grant, if you decide to focus on social mia, you don’t ne much, everyone can shoot, it and upload with their phones. But that may not be enough in the long run. As your video marketing campaign expands, you’ll ne screenwriters to write scripts, designers to create storyboards and animations, people to shoot live video, and others willing and able to show and it.


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Determine how these functions will be fill and whether training is requir. Someone also USA CEO nes to be in charge of each project and make sure they are publish and distribut on different channels. Download this video marketing checklist and pin it to your bulletin board to help you stay organiz. Video Marketing Strategy Checklist Use this cheat sheet to stay on top of your planning process. STEP ONE – TEST, MEASURE AND OPTIMIZE The moment you publish your video, it deserves the same treatment as any other content. You ne to test and evaluate certain elements. For example, you ne to decide where to “house” your video content so you can distribute it through various channels. A secret tip: make sure it’s somewhere easy to share and emb.