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What is A/B testing? A/B testing is when you create two versions of a piece of content with a noticeable difference, one with emojis and the other without, or one version as a video and the other as text only but the same content . Part of your audience will see one version, and another part will see the other. Whichever version gets more engagement and conversions is the winner. Most importantly, you get to know your audience better. Website A/B Testing Example How to A/B Test on Your Website Choosing Test Variables First things first decide what you want to test. You can choose specific landing pages, product pages, sales checkout pages, or any other website page you want to optimize.

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For each A/B test, choose a variable. While it may be tempting to create two distinct Brazil Mobile Number List versions of a page, it doesn’t help you figure out what works. You won’t know if the font, button color, or message is making the difference. Start with one variable, and when you’re done with that test, you can test another variable. A few variables you can test are Copywriting What is the tone of the page? You can write your copy in two different tones and see which tone engages the audience for longer. One page can have a more professional tone, while another page can have a friendly, less formal tone. Call-to-Action What Makes People Click? For example, if you’re A/B testing a newsletter signup page, you might try “Sign up for our newsletter” and “Yes! Count me in!” Whichever CTA gets more newsletter signups is better.


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Design The layout of the page is critical. The appearance of your pages USA CEO has a huge impact on conversion rates, so you can do a lot of design A/B testing. You can test different fonts, layouts, color schemes, and other design elements of your pages. Images Do your website visitors prefer stock photos or cartoons and icons? You can try different types of images or different stock photos. Maybe your audience doesn’t like cat photos as much as you think, and you can get more conversions with dogs.

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