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At the end of the article, we’ll tell you how to become a music producer: where to learn the basics of the profession and collect a portfolio at the same time. Music Producer Salary Calculating a freelance producer’s salary is nearly impossible. In each case, his income depends on the terms of the contract and is usually calculate as a percentage of the project’s profits. The cost of music production depends on various factors: the more famous and experience the producer’s authoritative expert in the field, the greater the percentage he will receive from the income of the project.

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The success of the performer depends on the number of concerts held, Number Russia Phone Number List of times, downloads and sales of singles or albums; Enter the trend If you manage to release hit songs that blow up the charts, high income is guarantee. There is no financial cap to brilliant sound producers getting millions of rubles for a project, but you still have to go to Olympus. Salaries for in-house producers are more specific and grounde. This table collects the average salary rates in Russia base on the experience of experts: ₽ ₽ from ₽ to an experience professional. Here are the pros and cons we identifie in our job as a record producer: Pros Cons Designe for those who love and feel music Opportunities to discover new talent and create hits that last generations.

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Not only will you manage the process of creating music, but Can USA CEO write lyrics and arrange music Make a wide range of acquaintances in the show business No salary cap You can become an artist Work in the shadow of an artist Industry case studies and experience make a big difference Staff vacancies are rare Difficult to preict project success and level of earnings Knowlege and skills require to become a music producer There is an opinion that a producer makes money off of an artist’s talent and work, but he himself does not have much.

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