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Takeaway – For better or worse, don’t be afraid to A/B test your organic pages. Doing nothing may actually hold you back and give competitors time to try and outdo you. . Finding More Opportunities for SERP Features and Finding Them Again Topic: The Hidden Power of SERPs Speaker: Jon Earnshaw, Chief Product Evangelist & Co-Founder, Pi Datametrics I have to say – I’ll be honest, Jon is the best part of my life One of the best speakers I have had the opportunity to hear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a speech as compelling as his — and you don’t hear me say it that often. He talks about the changing landscape of SERPs in different industries and how we can have as many SERP features as possible on our site to increase our brand awareness. Here’s my favorite slideshow: An example of how to find new growth opportunities on the SERPs.

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This site crushes it with the keyword “how to wear a suit without a tie”! The takeaway – for every Guatemala Phone Number List piece of content and every competitor ranking for the keywords we want, we need to give more weight to SERP features, see what’s new, and take over missed SERP opportunities. For example: Is there a video carousel? Ask the content team for a video to accompany the blog post. Is there a carousel of images? Consider creating an embeddable infographic to rank and get people to backlink to your website as a source. Is there a “People also ask” box? Try to answer as many questions about the content as possible, and even create an FAQ section to answer them. Understanding SERP Feature Trends Topic.


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Winning SERPs: A Story of SERP Feature Trends Speaker: Gerald Murphy, Senior Solutions USA CEO Business Manager, Similarweb In his presentation, Gerald analyzes US and UK SERP features by industry, keyword and device, using Similarweb data reveals a variety of notable trends: Branded vs. Non-branded Keywords – Compared to branded keywords, non-branded keywords have more SERP characteristics such as related questions, related searches, and natural links. Desktop vs. Mobile – In the US and UK, desktop triggers more SERP features than mobile more and more popular. Here’s my favorite slideshow: How to Build an Integrated Search Strategy Using SERP Features.