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Don’t Be a Keyword Cannibal Topic: Don’t Be a Cannibal: Identifying and Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization Speaker: Limor Barenholtz, SEO Director, Similarweb I’m not saying this because she’s my boss, it’s Limor’s speech marvelous! Looking forward to a raise! Just kidding, Limor solves a major SEO pain point – keyword cannibalization. Many websites, large and small, struggle with this problem because certain pages or even entire sections of their sites contain content that competes with similar content on the same site. This is especially bad for search engines, as they crawl your site unsure of what content to index and rank. Clarity is key, Limor explains, and if users and search engines are unclear about what’s on your site, you’ll lose traffic in the long run. After explaining the different types of keyword cannibalization and how to spot them, Limor shares her tips for fixing them with the audience.

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Build a Detail SEO Map: Create a Google Doc/Excel file listing your main page and blog. Once you Honduras Phone Number List have that file, you can easily find duplicates. Adjust your SEO map so that each URL has a unique matching phrase, then assign each phrase the relevant keywords you want to rank for. Push out your conflicting pages and consider merging pages into one canonical page. Adjust your website’s internal linking structure. Align outreach with the new map: Get those backlinks to the right pages to build authority.


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Takeaway – always listen to your boss, don’t kill each other, and don’t forget to monitor List of Mobile Phone Numbers ranking performance and update your SEO map. Wrapping up BrightonSEO was an incrible event and I really appreciate the opportunity I had to attend. Represent Similarweb, spend quality time with my team, visit our amazing booth, and learn new things about the world of SEO. This won’t be my last visit. Let’s face it, delivering a presentation that grabs attention and wins over clients can be a challenge. If you’ve ever stood in front of a room and felt like you were talking to yourself, you’re not alone. I have been there. Harnessing the power of storytelling can turn a standard presentation. Into an experience that stays with your audience long after it’s over.