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 All went well!!! reply to annabel what a great post on the evening of the month, and full of humour. Thank you so much, you were wonderful! I have an old recipe blog on, when ( years ago) had a lot of visitors. But I don’t know how to monetize it, my domain name is, so I can’t run ads. For me, it was a hobby, not looking for anything else, not looking for. But I decided to take it back and the first thing I did was migrate it to .

If you decide that it does have a header

A month ago, I moved my old blog from there and used a plugin to new data redirect and do everything. I haven’t deleted the blog, I still keep it and I will maintain it, as you suggest. I chose the bot not to index the new blog during the migration, but it was a month since I forgot to change it. I changed it today. The question now is whether I have to choose not to index it or to index both. Another existential question: I was so clumsy, bought and, using the latter in my project, redirected to.

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Im sorry but im not going to be redirected so soon, am I?I will stay and say it later. You will tell me. Thanks!!! reply edouard rubianes january afternoon hello annabelle, thank you so much for your comment if you have redirected your blog to a new blog, no further action is required; already know that valid content USA CEO is the content of new content. You must do the opposite with respect to the change of domain name, namely, direct the website to and redirect to .

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