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Google is still the bigger search engine and has a video search feature. Read more: Keyword Research Benefits You Can Only Get Using In our experience, videos covering the following topics are often featured on: Keywords (How to Do Keyword Research) Tutorials (Setting Up Your Sales Intelligence Dashboard) Comments (What’s the Best Tape? (Review)) Fitness & Exercise (Cardio) Funny Videos (OMG, What’s That Cat Doing?) Optimizing for Video Titles Titles are critical to everything when optimizing The same is true in . Here are some of the questions I get most often. They cover the most important elements to remember.

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How long should a headline be on? A concise headline is a winner. An ideal Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List title has at least one word but no more than characters. Longer titles may be truncated on the , and you won’t get your message across. On the other hand, if your title is too short, you’re not giving enough context to determine what the video is about. For example, if you call it, search engines have no idea whether you are selling, reviewing, or explaining how to use the device. What keywords should be included in the title of a video screenshot titled? Include your main keyword in the title and try to place it as close to the beginning as possible. Sound familiar? You’re right what works for titles for written content works for video as well. Do you need exact keyword matches.

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I recommend always using your primary keyword in its exact form, then see if USA CEO you can add variations. Let’s say your main keyword is tips. Other long-tail variants are tips and tricks or developmental channel tips. Do you understand what I’m saying? A good mix of titles here could be something like: Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Channel. This is very similar to what is usually done on blog posts with meta titles. How to optimize a video for a high CTR (click through rate)? This is actually a very good question. When planning your video content, consider not only how to rank your video, but also how to get people to click to watch.