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There are at least 10,000 sellers on Amazon today, which means competition is fierce. Only about of Amazon sellers generate at least , USD sales. If you want to be one of these vendors, you ne to make sure your product pages stand out and serve potential customers. how can you do this First understand the Amazon search engine algorithm, then optimize for Amazon SEO. let’s start. What is Amazon SEO? Amazon SEO focuses on the types of keywords people use when making a purchase.

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Amazon users typically have a transactional search intent, so your content Armenia Phone Number List should be tailor specifically to meet that intent and include phrases that people use when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. In your Amazon product listing, you define the title and description of the product, as well as keywords and other information about the product. The keywords in your listing can affect your organic ranking in Amazon search results. It goes without saying that better rankings lead to more clicks and ultimately more sales. You want to optimize your content so you appear in the top results. How does the Amazon ranking algorithm work? You may have heard of the a algorithm, which was later upgrad to the a algorithm. Although Amazon has not officially upgrad, Amazon experts have recently notic some changes in a and start referring to the upgrad version as a. The a algorithm is better understood, so let’s first discuss how it works.


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Then we can go into changes. a An algorithm ranks product listings bas on two USA CEO parameters: relevance and performance. Relevance has to do with how relevant the keywords in your listing are to search keywords, while performance looks at how well your product listings have sold before. From these metrics, an Amazon algorithm can determine how likely it is that someone will make a purchase. Several things can affect the relevancy and performance of your listings. Relevance Factors This is where your keywords matter. The content types list below should include relevant keywords. Product Title: This is probably the number one factor affecting relevance.