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With visualization, you can see the site from different angles and see how green spaces, small built forms, reservoirs, buildings, and more fit together. Visualization is a marketing term that is often use when talking about promoting landscape architects. For more marketing definitions, check out our Marketing Glossary. The master plan is the main document of landscape architecture, it is a drawing containing all existing and planne objects: buildings, parking lots, garden paths, flower bes, etc. Or plans for all the green spaces on the site.

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It is compile together with a taxonomic list, in which the plant is assigne a Switzerland Phone Numbers List serial number, and the characteristics are also indicate: height, crown type, growth characteristics, etc. Zoning divides the site into areas and plans the connecting elements between them. For example, there may be a frontage, utility and recreation areas with lighting, ponds, benches, garden paths, lawns or flower bes acting as connecting elements between them. Composite node The part of the site where key objects reside: a set of trees, architectural elements, gazebos, etc. Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor areas and objects: monuments, sculptures, landscapes, etc. A pavement plan is part of a landscape design project that shows all types of coverage for a site. Base on the coverage plan, landscape architects, contractors, and clients see in which areas paving, lawns, flower bes, etc.

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Lighting plan The layout of lighting equipment on site. The planting USA CEO diagram is the working diagram prepare by the designer for the team of gardeners. The landing map only indicates those objects buildings, fences, paths to which trees and shrubs will be attache. Be sure to add information about the number of seelings, planting hole depth, plant spacing, and more. The layout plan is a graphic appendix to the master plan, detailing the objects of the site. Paths, parking lots, gazebos, artificial reservoirs, flower bes, retaining walls, etc.

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