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No matter what background you have, no matter what field you have worked in before, there is something for everyone if they want to. Makeup artist by profession: What can he do, where does he work, how much money does he make Views Reading time: Minutes Add an author Olga Asenieva Author with years experience in copywriting and content management. I write about online education and future careers. Expert Approved Professional Makeup Artists Makeup is a true art, the canvas is a person’s face, and palettes of watercolors are replaced by palettes of eyeshadow and lipstick. Today, anyone can master professional-level makeup techniques and start a career in the beauty industry.

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In this profile, we’ll tell you in detail what a makeup artist does, how much Job Function Email List money he makes, what knowledge and skills will be useful in this career, and where you can develop further. Finally, we recommend quality makeup artist courses so you can start your career right away. Hide the content of the article Who is a makeup artist and what does he do Makeup artist occupational requirements Makeup artist work schedule and form Makeup artist salary Makeup artist advantages and disadvantages of this profession Knowledge and skills required for makeup artists Features How to become a makeup artist How and where to develop professionally Brief introduction Main content Who is a makeup artist and what does he do? The art of makeup has its origins in ancient times.

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When people used coal, chalk, ocher and other natural pigments to paint their faces for ceremonial purposes. Centuries have passed, but we’re still using cosmetics, and to this day we have primers, concealers, highlighters and bronzers in our arsenals. Despite the long history of makeup, makeup artists are a relatively young profession. Demand for professional makeup began to grow around the turn of the century due to the rapid development of the cosmetics, fashion, photography, and film industries. Makeup artists apply makeup to clients according to their personal wishes, physical features and the nature of the upcoming event.