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In practice, you will master the technique of assembling various products bracelets, brooches, rings, crowns, etc. Additionally, you’ll learn how to develop a brand and sell jewelry through social networks. You will be given a list of online stores where you can purchase and earn money from course materials. If you don’t want the hassle, you can start by ordering a ready-made box fille with everything you nee from launching courses at the best jewelry brands to a business-focuse project with the realities of the year in mind. In one month, you will learn how to organize jewelry production and grow your brand.

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During the course you will go through all the stages of starting a jewelry business Peru Phone Number List from calculating the profitability of a project to merchandising and advertising. You will learn how to design jewelry models for market nees and calculate their manufacturing costs. You will learn how to select raw materials and suppliers, and how to conclude production contracts with companies in Russia and abroad. You’ll learn about the legal requirements for jewelery and learn how to create an online store and effectively manage a brand’s social network. You’ll leave the course with a clear entrepreneurial algorithm and personal advice from the curator Fashion Factory School Ask the Expert.

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The expert knows his business from the inside and can share valuable tips USA CEO with beginners. Therefore, we have linke the jewelry designer and jewelry. Brand founder to this article and aske her to answer a few questions. PHOTO IN PROFILE PHOTO IN PROFILE What is the hardest part about being a jewelry designer? answer There are a lot of difficulties to be prepare for. But they fade away with experience.For example, it can be difficult to understand what customers want from you. Unicorn horns on rainbow wings, hoops and pebbles are difficult to turn into decorations for the first time.