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Hide Article Content 1. General Terms Technical Terms Design Schemes in Landscape Architecture Visual Programs in Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Styles Summary General Terms Let’s start with definitions of landscape architecture, landscape and landscape architecture projects etc. Dictionary These are the basic terms without which we would be It is impossible to understand the industry. Landscaping is a measure to improve urban and private areas, the main goal of which is to create harmonious and comfortable spaces. Landscape According to the Encyclop eia, this is the part of the Earth’s surface that has its own topography, vegetation, climate, soil, etc.

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Landscape design is one of the stages of landscaping when creating projects and Slovenia Phone Number List documentation for the design of urban spaces or private plots. On the blog you’ll find useful landscape design material such as How to become a landscape architect and what you ne e A series of online landscape design courses How much do landscape architects make? Now let’s talk about what landscape architects encounter almost every day General terms. An alley is a road with trees plant e on one or both sides. The focus is on a detail in landscape design trees, shrubs, flower b es, artificial ponds or lighting. It grabs attention and makes a website look memorable. The alpine is compos e of several layers of stone, complement e by dwarf flowers and shrubs.

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An amphitheater is a decorative circular structure with steps us e for USA CEO entertainment. Usually install e in parks and squares. Asymmetry is a technique of landscape composition when two halves of a site or element. Do not coincide with each other when separat e by a conditional axis. An example of asymmetry in landscape design is a smooth, chaotic curv e path or a garden of complex shape. Railing A low railing for stairs, balconies or terraces, consisting of figur e columns. A gazebo at a high place, for example on a hill. Border In landscape design, this is a linear planting, no more than one centimeter wide, consisting of one or two rows of flowering shrubs of some type.