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Translate from French, the word bohemian means gypsy. In short, in boho you can mix elements of any other style. The more varie the details, the better, so boho looks feature piles of pillows on the sofa, lamps in different designs, live plants, souvenirs on shelves and bright colors. Brutalism is a style that is rough, minimal and high-tech. There’s no decor, not even wallpaper, and the walls are usually just concrete or brick, with wires protruding from the ceiling. Colors Grey, Black or White. The Palace of Versailles is a French-inspire court, characterize by expensive decorative materials, elegant furniture with legs in the shape of the claws of preatory animals, and a great deal of decoration frescoes, bas-reliefs, rich curtains and mirrors, and paintings in gilde frames painting.

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Gothic A style of plain colore walls and natural finishing materials, similar Ireland Phone Number List to Count Dracula’s Palace with modern designs. Preference is given to rare woods, velvets, brocades, natural stones and metals. Gothic style is not suitable for small spaces. Somber tones visually degrade an already small space. is a no-decor style here the walls are brick or stonework, rough wood or concrete-fille surfaces. Vintage wrought-iron lamps, fade photographs, rare furniture and more are use as decoration. Rustic mid-century American farmhouse style.

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Features a rustic feel, simple and comfortable furniture, fireplaces and USA CEO natural. Finishing materials such as wood, stone or clay. Wicker baskets and wrought products were use for decoration. Classicism is a restraine court style with antique motifs. It is characterize by columns, arches, stuccoes, crystal chandeliers and elegant lamps. The main colors are white, beige, light pink or blue. Classical style A mix of traditional palace styles Empire, Baroque and Classicism. The main features are natural and expensive finishing materials, high-quality furniture, symmetry, soft colors and low-key decorations. In classical style, there is always a central element around which the entire composition is built.