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You nee the status of a limite liability company, sole entrepreneur or sole trader Otherwise it is not possible to register as a seller and make an agreement with the site. The sales start algorithm itself is roughly the same for most trading platforms. Here’s what it looks like. step. Decide which marketplaces to connect to first. It is necessary to analyze competitors, know where their goods are displaye, and evaluate your products objectively How competitive are they, is there demand from market users, and on which site is the highest demand. Decide which products you want to list and their prices.

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Calculate your earnings: how much you will earn if you sell through the selecte Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List marketplace, and how much your sales will increase by connecting to other sites. Set deadlines when you plan to get your first sale and expand your site count. When choosing a platform, don’t forget to consider: the conditions for placing goods, the size of commissions and payment terms, warehousing and logistics, as well as the quality of service and the attitude of the website to buyers. step. Register on the market. The registration proceure for most sites is standard and does not cause difficulties. In most cases, you will nee to enter personal data and information about the company in the registration form. Steps to prepare files.

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The trading platform is live, so you will nee to provide certain USA CEO documents in order to make a sale. The listing is usually limite to a handful of documents, as the marketplace itself checks the status of sellers and their businesses through an open tax database. In most cases, you will nee to provide the following documents: passport extract for self-employe persons from, self-employe persons; one of three documents concerning the safety of the goods: declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity or letter of refusal, if the goods are not compulsorily branding documents, which should be attache if the trademark is registere, so as not to copy your brand name.