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Before getting into the nuances of the brand manager career, let’s define what a brand is. A brand is not a specific product, name or logo, but rather a consumer’s opinion, association and perception of a company’s products. All of these together help buyers differentiate between similar goods and services. The main task of a brand manager is to manage the image of a product in the minds of consumers. It is the brand manager who determines the nees and values ​​of the target audience and forms the psychological shell of the product base on these data.

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Many times, brand managers are confuse with marketers, product managers List of Mobile Phone Numbers or PR specialists. But representatives of these occupations have completely different tasks: Product managers are responsible for the output and execution of specific products. He manages the team, assigns tasks to other specialists and controls all stages of product launch and development; a marketer considers strategies for promoting products and services and uses marketing tools to increase sales and overall revenue of the company; a public relations specialist Monitor the company’s image in the meia and what competitors and customers say about the company; brand managers influence consumers’ perceptions of the brand and how they think and feel when it is mentione.

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To better understand the specifics of what a brand manager does, we USA CEO turne to a brand manager practitioner at a communications agency, who share her thoughts on the importance of the profession and answere a few questions from that article. Sherman Polina Sherman Polina Brand Manager Branding is the primary tool for promoting a company. Business success starts with a brand. Digital has update the requirements and techniques for effectively building and operating a brand, but it’s better. Now, a brand manager is part manager, part creative, part analyst, part visualizer, but most importantly, a brand manager is a team player.