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Checkout Process Takes Too Long A Retail Info Systems study of consumers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Mexico found that 100 of consumers abandon an online retail transaction because the checkout process is too long. The solution here is simple: shorten the process by collecting the data you need, and spice up your form to keep it engaging. Also, use a progress bar to show prospects how close they are to the finish line — the light at the end of the funnel. . Something in the sales process messed up the lead In a Retail Info Systems study, 100 of consumers admitted to abandoning an order because shipping was too expensive or took too long.

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While these may seem like minor details to retailers, they can disrupt the customer Bolivia Phone Number List experience. You can’t always solve the shipping problem, but you can motivate potential customers to stick around. For example, you can offer low-priced items for free, or offer a – discount if customers have to wait more than a month to receive their order. .Leaders Confused Sometimes, potential customers leave the site because there is too much information, or they need to make too many decisions to purchase a product. To fix this, simplify your pages to prioritize the most important information. For example, reduce visual clutter, place white space around widgets, and limit distractions like the “special discount” widget to one to three products. Before and after organizing your website properly.


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Leads Never Develop an Emotional Attachment to Your Brand Finally, some USA CEO potential customers will never invest in your product because your website isn’t exciting and welcoming. Fix this by adding warmth to your site with color, friendly language, and inviting touches like a “welcome” popup. For inspiration for creating a welcoming website, check out toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap. Its website draws people in with attention-grabbing design choices, then offers them dollar-for-dollar coupons. An example of how to add color and personality to your website to increase conversions.