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The storytelling structure of Self-made takes the viewer on a journey from adversity to success. It doesn’t have to be real economic enrichment — it can be any story from laggards to leaders. The structure begins by setting the scene in the protagonist’s difficult early life before certain events or opportunities arise. Then we follow them to some small successes, they usually hit rock bottom at some point, then rise up to the challenge and eventually achieve a big win. Example: Cinderella Example of a rags-to-riches Disney classic: Cinderella.

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How to use it: Think of your agency as a fairy godmother who can help your Hungary Phone Number List clients live happily ever after. Agents use rags-to-riches story techniques in presentations to win clients. The mountain narrative structure focuses on overcoming challenges. It’s often an emotional roller coaster, and initial attempts at the climb are unsuccessful. However, after trying different approaches, the main character wins out in the end. In a traditional story, this might mean defeating a monster or rescuing a princess, but the same structure can also be used to show how we successfully adapt to a changing marketplace. Example: David and Goliath A classic example of a mountain story: David and Goliath.


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How to use it: Explain how your clients struggle to overcome formidable obstacles, and how your USA CEO agency can be a key tool in ultimately helping them overcome them and succeed. The Hill: How agencies can help potential clients beat their big competitors. Tips for crafting the best storytelling presentations. Using Visuals Using the right visuals can elevate your story and help keep your client’s attention. The best storytelling slideshows feature visual elements such as photos, videos, GIFs, maps, graphs, charts, and infographics. Visual effects bring your story to life. Graphics and images convey information or an idea quickly and effectively, while text details that information or idea. Using both together will double the impact of your presentation.